About Let’s Talk Sex

couple-happy2-ss_412527109In a culture obsessed with sex, it’s amazing how little quality information we are given about how to deal with sexuality.

Our media, advertising, and entertainment industries are saturated with subtle and not-so-subtle messages about sex. Yet the underlying thrust is all about beauty, sexual desire, and how important it is to buy the products or operations which will make us popular, more attractive, and better lovers.

And even though advertising and entertainment are filled with sexual innuendo, it is rare that you will find anything other than tabloids and women’s magazines talking openly about both the joys and challenges of sex. In many communities, homes, and workplaces, serious discussion of sexuality continues to be a taboo subject.

Let’s Talk Sex boldly breaks taboos in talking about the down and dirty of sex, as well as the amazing ecstasy and expanded states you can reach by following some of the cool ideas offered. The short, engaging essays here are filled with concrete tips on how to have a better sex life.

Have fun exploring thought-provoking ideas about orgasm, sexual passion, understanding women’s sexuality, understanding men’s sexuality, how to have richer relationships, how to achieve greater ecstasy, and much more.

This website was founded and originally developed by sexual and spiritual explorer Fred Burks. Fred works with an awesome team of sexually empowered teachers and friends to come up with the great content you see here. In essays written from the first person “I”, the experiences mentioned are Fred’s unless authorship is otherwise noted, though others may have contributed to improve the writing.

Have fun exploring the information here, and watch your sex life soar to entirely new orgasmic orbits!