The Power of Orgasm

Sexual orgasm is the most intense physical pleasure that most of us ever experience. Yet open talk of the power of orgasm is all but taboo in today’s world. No wonder our culture is so obsessed with sex! For caring couples… Continue Reading →

What Do Women Really Want?

We all know that different women want different things. Different strokes for different folks. Yet there are certain things most women desire in sexual connections which will greatly help their partners to know. I’ll start by suggesting the possibility that many… Continue Reading →

The Sexual-Spiritual Split

This profound story of a powerful weekend retreat tells how the cultural concept of the sexual-spiritual split came to author Michael Picucci. This awareness has fueled his years of research since on common challenges that can be healed more efficiently in a… Continue Reading →

Does Penis Size Matter?

Of course size matters! And it likely matters a lot less than you might think. Let’s look at the obvious first. Some dude who is a real jerk with a big wonker is not going to get very far. And… Continue Reading →

What Do Men Really Want?

OK. We all know what men really want when it comes to sexuality. They want sex! Most men, if they truly allowed their instincts and hormones free reign, would be having lots of sex. This is natural, as it feels… Continue Reading →

Learn Control for Extended Pleasure

Rock My World! Why would I want to control myself when it is so amazingly delicious to follow my natural urge to explode in orgasm? Well, what if developing control gave you the ability to extend the ecstatic pleasure of… Continue Reading →

I Was So in Love! What Happened???

You know when you first fall in love and the whole world seems brighter? Delicious oxytocin surges like a rushing river in your blood and your newfound lover is the most amazing person in the world to you — the one… Continue Reading →

Major Breakthrough in My Confusion Around Sexuality

A number of years ago, I found myself pondering why it was that sexuality for years had been so confusing and difficult to understand in my life. I had been through three very enjoyable, long-term relationships, yet all three ended… Continue Reading →

Sexual Desire: A Force to Be Reckoned With!

Sexual desire can be a most awesome and powerful force. When the sex hormones run hot in our veins, we feel incredibly excited and thrilled to be alive. Life once again becomes a great adventure. Yet when these hormones rage,… Continue Reading →

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