Author Fred Burks

I'm a guy who is lucky to feel completely comfortable in my sexuality. I've taught tantra and sexual healing at a variety of places throughout the US. I get great satisfaction out of sharing all that I've learned with any interested.

What Do Women Really Want?

We all know that different women want different things. Different strokes for different folks. Yet there are certain things most women desire in sexual connections which will greatly help their partners to know. I’ll start by suggesting the possibility that many… Continue Reading →

The Sexual-Spiritual Split

This profound story of a powerful weekend retreat tells how the cultural concept of the sexual-spiritual split came to author Michael Picucci. This awareness has fueled his years of research since on common challenges that can be healed more efficiently in a… Continue Reading →

I Was So in Love! What Happened???

You know when you first fall in love and the whole world seems brighter? Delicious oxytocin surges like a rushing river in your blood and your newfound lover is the most amazing person in the world to you — the one… Continue Reading →

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